'Tis the season! Add one of these festive treats to your special Christmas get togethers! You can now preorder a 7-inch Ferrero Rocher or Biscoff Cake for collection in Portstewart on 23rd December. Our Ferrero Rocher cake consists of 6 layers of alternating chocolate and hazelnut sponge, filled with smooth swiss meringue hazelnut buttercream, lashings of Nutella and hazelnuts. Iced with decadent chocolate icing, ganache, ferrero rochers and even more hazelnuts. Our Biscoff cakes consist of 3 x 7 inch layers of rich chocolate sponge filled with salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream, Biscoff spread & Biscoff biscuit chunks. Decorated with vanilla & chocolate buttercream, double ganache & Biscoff drips & topped off with toasted Italian meringue & more biscuits. When purchasing online you will arrive at a 'special notes' section. Please indicate there if you would like the Ferrero Rocher or Biscoff Festive Cake. Feeds 12-15 people. See Ingredients below.